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You've grilled hamburgers on the patio; You've grilled chicken on the deck. But you've never grilled anything like this before. Smell the aromas. Get lost in the flavors. Share the passion. Revel in the experience of grilling dishes from around the globe.

It's time to fire up the grill and get ready for the culinary trip of a lifetime led by Chef George Hirsch, a man who has perfected the art of grilling on his PBS show Grilling with Chef George Hirsch. Forget the suitcase, the passport, or the airplane. With one browse through Adventures in Grilling you can go to uncharted territory without ever leaving your backyard.

From the shimmering sands of the Caribbean to the dense woods of Canada, Chef George uses the smoky flavors of the grill to enhance a cornucopia recipes that will enliven your palate as they, awaken your senses.

While traveling with Chef George, it's safe expect the unexpected, so let go of your inhibitions and indulge. Savor the tang of Central America and the Caribbean Islands with zesty Shrimp with garlic and Plantains or out-of-this-world Bermudian-Style Pork Chops. German fare never tasted as good as the traditional Smoked Duck with Apple Stuffing or Spatzle. Go on holiday to the U.K. with the downhome flavors of Shepherd's Pie or Irish Stew. Relish Italian dishes like Caramelized Garlic and Tomato Dip or Bruschetta with a Trio of Cheeses. Paella and Grilled Pork Threads will transport you to the festive atmosphere of Spain. Try to resist Vegetable Spring Rolls or Turkey-and-Black-Bean Wontons from the Pacific Rim. From Canada come hearty Venison Steak and Pork Skewers with Rosemary.

Wontons on the grill? With Chef George, reading is believing. His innovative grilling methods are sure to draw you in, and you may never leave your grill again. The beginner and the expert alike are sure to discover new grilling methods.

As always, Chef George takes the heat out of the kitchen and cuts down on preparation time by using the grill, making the most complicated dishes a snap to prepare.

With Adventures in Grilling, traveling beyond U.S. borders was never so easy. Let your grill take you wherever you want to go.



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